Tasks to Care for Your Pond in Winter

The winter is a time when there are quite a few tasks to carry out in order to maintain your pond.  Here are some things you should do during the colder months:

  1. Feed your fish! As the temperature of the water drops, you should feed fish slightly less as their metabolism slows down.  You should have been feeding your fish a high protein food during the summer which will allow them to build up fat reserves for the winter.
  2. Prepare your plants.  Remove dead and dying leaves and ensure the plant is in deep enough to prevent the roots from freezing.  It is generally better for your plants to be below the ice zone.
  3. Care for pumps and filters.  It can depend on your climate whether you choose to run your pump and filters through the winter.  If temperatures generally stay above freezing where you are, you can certainly keep pumps and filters running. If you wish you can turn pumps and filters off during the winter, as cold water holds more oxygen than warmer water and the fish’s respiration system slows down (you will not require as much circulation and aeration).