Keeping your fish alive at home!

If your aquarium is brand new, there is a process called cycling which is required to help develop the healthy layer of beneficial bacteria that contribute to regulating the ammonia and nitrate cycle within your mini aquatic habitat. When first set up, the environment is stale, over time from with the presence of fish bodies spur bacteria growth across all surfaces. This micro bacteria helps with the natural life cycle in the aquarium by regulating the natural cycle of nitrites and nitrates in relation to ammonia from fish waste.

There are two main ways to boost this natural cycle:
First is to add fish. You’ll need to choose wisely however as only hardy tropical fish species will tolerate these conditions. Our of all these species however Zebra Danios are most inexpensive are the most hardy. Originally, I always use Zebra Danios because they are one of the most inexpensive fishes, are small and school together, always a nice addition to any family aquarium. Secondly adding a beneficial bacteria booster as sold in pet stores in liquid form is a big helper. Follow the directions on the bottle and once opened make sure to store in the fridge.