Keeping Your Aquarium Healthy & Happy

Fish, like any other creature, can become poorly.  Whilst there are treatments available to help make them better, it is generally a better plan to prevent any illnesses from developing in the first place!  The best way you can do this is to maintain a healthy environment for your fish.  Most marine diseases are caused by poor water quality, so by keeping your aquarium healthy, you’ll be giving your fish a fab home to live in as well as keeping them healthy too!  Here are our top three tips for keeping your fish healthy and disease free.

  1. Set up the aquarium earlier than you need it – once the tank in in it’s final position, fill with clean water and use tapsafe to make sure the water is healthy for your fish.
  2. Turn on all the equipment (filter, heater, air pump etc) – it’s vital to leave your new aquarium running for several days to allow the water to settle down before you add your fish.  A few days allows time for the water to clear and you can make sure you are happy with the decorations you’ve chosen.
  3. Introduce your fish!  Check with a professional which fish will best suit your tank.  Use a filter boost product to increase the good bacteria in the tank before you add fish or carry out maintenance.  Only add a few fish at one time into your tank, you can always add more later.  You need to make sure your fish are compatible together to prevent them from fighting.