Keeping Reptiles – A Guide for New Owners

If you’ve decided to keep reptiles as pets, then you are likely to be interested in the hugely varied and rewarding lifestyle of reptile owners!  We love reptiles and have put together this useful set of facts about our favourite cold blooded creatures.

What are reptiles?  Reptiles are cold blooded creatures with scaly skin and they lay eggs.  They are good pets for people who can’t look after ‘normal’ pets like cats or dogs, especially if they go out to work or can’t take their pets out for walks.  Reptiles are very low maintenance compared to other animals.

What do they eat?  Reptiles have an unusual diet.  Lots of them enjoy tucking into vegetables, dried food, live insects and bugs and some even need to be fed a delicious diet of baby mice (yes you’ll need to have a strong stomach sometimes!)

Where do they live?  Reptiles come from all over the world, and many of the varieties we keep as pets are found in tropical places.  As they are cold blooded, they need things like heat lamps and spotlights to help them to keep warm.