How to Set Up A New Aquarium Successfully

There are some important things to know about when setting up an aquarium.  Here are our top tips for a successful setup.

  1. Preparation: make sure you have all the correct equipment you need.  This includes knowing where you want your new aquarium to go once it is finished, as well as testing the tank to ensure it is completely secure before you move it to it’s final destination in the home.
  2. Location: choosing an appropriate location for your tank is important.  Make sure it is somewhere away from loud noises such as the TV or washing machine.  Fish aren’t fans of noise!  Keep your tank somewhere with stable temperatures, for example not near a radiator!  Keep away from strong lights too, as light influences algae in the tank.
  3. Decoration: Using ornaments can help your fish enjoy themselves!  Why not try out resin ornaments, decorative stones and plants – just be sure to wash everything first.  Applying a coloured backgroun to the back of the tank is a nice touch too.
  4. Filling the Tank: Fill with clean water and turn on all the equipment like filters, lamps etc and leave to run for a few days.  This helps the water to settle in and allows you time to tweak the decorations a bit if needed.  Always add a small number of fish in at a time too.