How to Keep Goldfish Active & Happy!

Goldfish might seem like an easy pet to look after, and they are, but with a few thoughtful ideas you can make your goldfish really happy and keep them active throughout their lives.

Like any other fish, goldfish have basic needs for clean water, lots of space to swim, food and the correct water temperature.  The home for your goldfish needs to be set up properly.  The tank needs to be able to hold at least 50 gallons or more!  You should avoid having too much light in an area which has a day and night cycle (so not constantly lit up).  This helps your goldfish to stay active.  Goldfish need the sun to stay colourful!

Goldfish have very hearty appetites.  If your fish is kept happy and active, they will keep their beautiful golden colour for longter and you’ll see them grow properly.  If your fish are feeling happy they are more likely to breed also, meaning you’ll have babies swimming around in no time!