How to Introduce Fish to Your Aquarium

Choosing and introducing your new fish to your tank is a delicate job which actually requires a lot of thought!  Here is a brief guide to getting started adding fish to your tank.

Choosing Fish

Discuss what type of freshwater tropical fish you want to have with a specialist at a pet store.  They will be able to give you tips on which types can and can’t get along.  Look for a local fish store, as these will be likely to have the best knowledge for your area.  Two fish you like the look of might not get along well.  Fish shops will often indicate which fish can mix.  If it is your first tank, look for fish aimed at beginners!

Timing the Introduction

Don’t buy all your fish at the same time: decide on which fish you are going to buy, then buy two of the smallest (except if you are buying schooling fish, where you should go for a minimum of 4-6).  You can introduce a new group of fish every 2 weeks, adding the largest fish last.