Fish Illnesses You Need to Know About

There are a number of common diseases fish can suffer with, so it is a good idea to know a little about each of them so you can easily spot any irregularities in your tank.  Here’s our guide to the most common problems you might come across.

White Spot: Tiny white spots on the fish’s body and fins.  This can be caused by stress leading to an infection.  It’s highly contagious and should be treated straight away.  There are lots of different treatments available.

Fin Rot: A disease of the fins, recognisible by opaque or blood-streaked look of a fish’s fin.  It usually begins at the tip of the fin and can spread to the base at which point the fish will die.  Usually affects fish that are stressed or have damaged fins from nipping.

Fungal Infections: Although fungus spores are normally present in tanks, they can become infectious if a fish already has damaged skin or gills.  You might see a white, cotton like growth on the body.  You can buy anti-fungal medicine from pet shops.

Cloudy Eye: Invloves the fish’s eye turning cloudy, to the point where the fish loses vision.  Old age, stress and mal nurition can contribute to cloudy eye. Improving the water quality can fix the problem and fish normally recover within a couple of weeks.