Ensuring Your Bearded Dragon Gets The Optimal Feeding Plan

Bearded dragons are a popular reptile pet and are pretty easy to look after.  Here is a guide about how to make sure you are feeding your bearded dragon properly to ensure it is healthy and happy in your home.

  1. Unlike most other reptiles, the bearded dragon eat mostly vegetables instead of solely feeding on insects.
  2. Fresh plants should be fed every day, with insects offered as an extra to adults on alternate days.
  3. Young dragons less than 30cm in length have higher protein requirements while they are growing and should be fed plenty of insects daily.
  4. Adults who are over fed insects can quickly become obeses and suffer health problems.  Their diet should mainly be made up of vegetables.
  5. Food can be withheld for a day without causing any major issues and can actually be beneficial for health!

for more information about caring for your bearded dragon, why not check out Pets at Home with their handy guides to caring for reptiles.  There is plenty of information to help you get the most out of your pets.