Caring Correctly for Goldfish!

Goldfish are often seem as an easy to look after pet, which is cheap to obtain and they are good for kids.  While these points are sort of true, many people are not looking after their goldfish in the correct way!  Here is the best ways to keep your goldfish happy and healthy in order to live their longest lives.

  1. Make sure your tank is large enough.  Lots of people keep their goldies in a bowl.  These look nice, however they aren’t large enough to keep the water quality at a high enough level.  A single goldfish needs around 38 litres of water in order to keep the right balance of oxygen and avoid illness!
  2. Feed a varied diet – again, many people rely on fish flakes and pellets to feed their goldfish, however, in the wild, goldfish are actually scavengers who eat all sorts, from leaves to algae and crustaceans to insects.  Try giving your goldfish some vegetables and fruit every so often for peak health!